The Reason(s) for my Photography

I don’t have grand illusions of ever becoming a Professional or even a Semi-pro photographer. I don’t even believe I want to become one. My photography is simply to satisfy my desire for a creative outlet. I used to dream about doing paintings in watercolor. That dream is not dead, yet…but it is just still a dream. Photography has been the way in which I’ve tried to fulfill my dream of painting. In a way, I am painting…but with a camera. I am nowhere near as good as I want to be but, I’ve learned much and I guess I’ve improved my image-making, at least according to my wife (she’s my number one fan and my model as well). Besides, I am only here to satisfy my creative desires.

As I went through my images, especially those ‘early’ days when I got my first digital camera (which I am still using now), I saw a lot of improvement. I also realized that the images that meant a lot to me were those that bring back good memories. A moment in time that will never be repeated again, ever. I believe that this is why I want to continue taking pictures.

Photography is a record of my life and and now, my family as well. Sure, I want to take pictures of that beautiful sunset or that awe-inspiring sunrise, or that majestic landscape or that exotic looking flower. But truly, what I really want is to take pictures of my family’s life. If my wife looks great in her new dress, I want to take picture of her. If my kids are enjoying a swim in a pool and are really having a good time, I want to take that picture. Photography is a visual diary of my family’s life. Which leads me to an idea…The Visual Diary of my Family.

I guess for now the bottom line is that, my photography is about life; it is about my family’s life. For now, my photography is not art. Well, as far as photographic art is concerned. I don’t know if it’ll ever be. But creativity is still much of a factor in my images. This still satisfies my desire for creative outlet. And ultimately, I am glad that I have found photography; to record my family’s events…small or great. We will never pass this way again, ever.