50mm Project: Day 02 – Candid Shots

When I started taking pictures with my camera, I was always attracted to taking candid pictures. I love taking candid pictures especially of children.There was this great satisfaction of getting a photograph of a moment in time of a child’s life that will never be repeated again.

Recently, me and my family attended a children’s birthday party. I took this opportunity to use my 50mm prime lens to take candid pictures of children, as well as adults, having fun at the party. The advantage of this lens is that it is small enough not to intimidate the kids. I also didn’t need to use flash and therefore it is easier to take candid shots.

I knew that I needed to bump up my ISO but I could not go beyond ISO400 without sacrificing image quality. This is due to the limitation of my current camera sensor. I am using Canon 400D, an ‘old’ camera by today’s standard. Camera sensors have greatly improved by big leaps and bounds that one can utilize ISO 3200 or higher without losing that much in image quality. As it is, I am till stuck in the ‘Jurassic Park’ of sensor land.