Dates: Desert Fruit

Out here in the land of hot sands, the Date is king of fruits. The date tree thrives in the hot and humid weather of the middle east. I am no expert on this tree, but in my observation, the people here prize this tree so much that if you happen to be unfortunate enough to accidentally kill one these trees, you are in for a really hefty fine.

The date fruit is sweet, very sweet and chewy especially those that are already way into the┬áripening┬ástage. There are many varieties of the date fruit. The fruit is available all year round and one can purchase these in the supermarkets anywhere in the Emirates. The fruit doesn’t rot (I guess). Because the more advanced in the ripening stage it gets, the sweeter and better it tastes. There are a lot of date trees that are planted in the Emirates. Several of these trees can be found planted along the roads and in the parks. There is even a dates festival wherein dates of every variety are displayed and sold throughout the festival. (Shown above are dates served that are already very ripe. And no, salt and pepper are definitely not added).