The Highway of Life

Landscape-6932Life is usually a cycle. But there are times that it can also be a U-turn. When you are making headway into life’s highway, sincerely believing that you are making good progress, unforeseen circumstances force you to make a U-turn and before you even have time to reflect, you’re headed right back where you began. Usually, the difficulty is compounded by the fact that there aren’t many directional signs and you have to “guesstimate” along the way. Whatever the “unforeseen circumstance” may be, it forces you to realize that you have been travelling on the wrong highway all along.

While travelling through life’s highway, there is always the risk of making a wrong turn and end up on the unpleasant side of life. Or you make a presumably right turn but still end up in a dead-end street. There may even be times when you travel along the way and not really know where you are headed. And the thought that you are headed to a place where you don’t know you have arrived can be daunting.

There will surely be times that you will experience travelling several miles through the back roads of life before finding your way back into the right highway. The hidden beauty of the back road is that you discover places that you never even knew existed. Although unbeknownst to you, many people pass through these roads. These are the individuals that you’ll unlikely to meet along the expressway of life. And as you travel through one of these back roads, you will discover fascinating and unique characters that will touch your life in ways that will make it richer and give you a more expansive view of life. Sharing in their life experiences will add beauty to your own and will give you a better appreciation of life as a whole.


The unhurried pace of the back roads compels you to engage and immerse into life more fully. You learn to be patient; to persevere and to wait. You’ll have time to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings and interact with the individuals that reside in it. You’ll have time to appreciate the simple beauty of the wild flowers that grow along the sidewalks and you’ll take notice of the sweet aroma of the air. You may even find time to smile or chat with that person on the side street. These encounters would leave an indelible mark on your experience that you inevitably come out a much better person. It is on these back roads where you develop real strength of character.

As you travel through the back roads, you acquire a sense of direction that will eventually guide and help you to choose which highway to take. In my own journey through the back roads, I have discovered the immense beauty of God’s unchanging love. I have discovered that HE is more than willing not only to show me the right direction to the right highway of my life, but would willingly walk with me on my journey through this highway. God has shown me through His Word that this highway is actually a narrow road that leads to a very definite place; a place that He has especially prepared for me and all His children. He has provided all that is necessary for me and His children to find this place. He is also continually calling all those who are searching for this place and are willing to come to Him to find the right direction in their own lives.


I may still be travelling through the back roads of life, or perhaps cruising through its freeway, seemingly without direction or destination. But I know that this is actually not the case, because I know that I am being guided by a loving God and will someday reach that place which He has prepared for His children to finally find rest. According to one of the most amazing promises in His Word, no eyes have seen nor ears have heard nor can hearts imagine the grandeur of the place that God has prepared for those who love Him.

Because of this promise, I can now “cruise” through life with a sense of purpose and direction because I know that I am divinely guided. I have set my goal to reach the place that God has shown me through His word. Even now, as I journey through life’s narrow road, I find comfort in knowing that I am headed into the right direction and can rest in God’s faithful promises.

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