Friends and a Wedding

Who do you invite to your wedding? Friends, of course. But not just ordinary friends. You invite good and beautiful friends. Even relatives would have to be “friends” with the groom and bride to get invited, unless they happen to be part of the immediate family. In that case, there is no choice for the couple.

When we speak of good friends, we mean friends who are there before, during and after the stressful and emotional roller-coaster of the wedding ceremony has come and gone. They will be there when the reality of the married life really sinks in and will be there to support and pray for the newlywed couple.

When we speak of the beautiful people, we do not mean entirely in the physical sense only (although that wouldn’t hurt at all). The physical can always be “enhanced” to appear beautiful. But real beauty is in the character. The really beautiful people are those whose character shines through magnificently even in the most trying circumstances in life. The newlywed couple would definitely need these kinds of people to look up to as models as well as to help them navigate the delightful but ever challenging journey that is called marriage.

With the Bride’s Parents

With the Groom’s Parents

A wedding is a happy and tremendously memorable occasion. This is true especially for the couple. This is an occasion that the couple would definitely love to look back again and again as they go through their life together as husband and wife. Eventually, this will be one of those memorable stories that they are going to tell their children. What is more fitting then than to spend this momentously memorable occasion with those closest to their hearts?

We earnestly wish the best for the couple, not only the best wishes but mostly the best realities because, after all, wishes may not come true. And reality is clearly what they will have face. So, best realities for the couple. Above all else, may the newlywed remember that in God’s vocabulary, there is no word for divorce. Therefore, together with their loved ones and their good and beautiful friends, here is to a happy life together for Jee and Paula.